Who we are

From concept to manufacturing our engineering team has all the technical competence to develop market ready products. We engineer and manufacture embedded electronic products, often around STM, Texas Instruments, Nordic, ESP and many more MCUs. Many of them are wirelessly connected (IoT) and we also make industrial equipment. According to the “lean startup” methodology we instantly prototype and perform market verification among the potential customers, including B2B. Our team of senior programmers and software architects develops scalable solutions based on cutting-edge technologies. We design and build hardware prototypes and help in establishment of production in Poland, Europe or China.

Use cases

IoT Platforms
Industrial IoT

Our Skills

Product Architecture

  • Concept development
  • System definition
  • Component definition
  • Hardware specifications
  • Software specifications
  • BOM analysis

Mechanical Engineering

  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Plastic injected components
  • Sheet metal engineering
  • IPX Protected Devices
  • Prototyping
  • Testing and assembly fixtures

Electric Engineering (PCB)

  • Digital and analog circuit design
  • RF design
  • High-speed signal PCBA design
  • HDI layout design
  • Wireless functional circuit design
  • EMI / EMC solution design
  • Power management 
  • Ultra Low-Energy layout
  • Micro-Electro-Mechanical sensor application 
  • Motor control system circuit design
  • Block and schematic diagrams
  • Prototype assembly and testing
  • Creation of BOM
  • Full documentation
  • Certification


  • Full stack development
  • Databases (MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle)
  • Mobile, desktop, server apps
  • Dedicated, virtual and cloud servers (AWS, Azure, etc.)
  • Help with deployment and administration
  • Reverse engineering
  • Modern languages (Java, C++17, Kotlin, etc.)
  • Full documentation
  • Frameworks (Hibernate, QT, Spring, Ktor, etc.)
  • Debugging and testing

Firmware Development

  • Microcontroller (MCU) and SoC’s programming in C (noOS/RTOS) and C++(OOB)
  • Embedded system programming for Linux devices(SBC)
  • Many architectures like AVR, ARM, XTensa (Tensilica)
  • Wireless IoT device system programming
  • Algorithm design for MEMS sensor data application
  • Libraries and drivers developing for specific peripherals
  • Robot/ mechanical arm /servo motor system programming
  • STM32, TI, Freescale, AVR, ESP8266, ESP32 
  • Real time operating systems like FreeRTOS and TIRTOS
  • Wireless interfaces like WiFi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Sub 1GHz, Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Developing Ultra Low Energy apllications 
  • Developing software based on many peripherals like UART, SPI, IIC, Ethernet, ADC, CAN, OneWire, etc.
  • Software development based on customer specifications, UML diagrams and User Stories
  • Debugging and testing

User stories

IoT platform with dedicated hardware
Miniature, built-in smartlight controller
Smart BLE system with dedicated app